Common Reasons that Furnaces Have Electrical Trouble

Common Reasons that Furnaces Have Electrical Trouble

Common Reasons that Furnaces Have Electrical TroubleWith winter once again just around the corner, it's important that your furnace is fully ready to keep your family warm during the months to come. When you first notice an indication of furnace trouble, you'll want to have an experienced HVAC technician come take a look. Here's a look at seven common causes of furnace electrical issues.

Clogged Filter

Typically, furnace filters need to be replaced at some point between three and twelve months. The thinner the filter, the more often it will need to be changed out. A fully clogged filter can cause a fuse to burn out, which can create a fire hazard.

Bad Starting Capacitor

When a capacitor isn't working properly, you may notice intermittent electrical issues. Fortunately, this is a problem that shouldn't take too much time or money to address.

Failing Blower Motor

If the blower motor is drawing too much power, then a fuse is liable to blow. Usually, failing blower motors are replaced rather than repaired.

Dirty Fuse

Gunked-up HVAC fuses may prevent successful connections. By establishing a yearly or twice yearly HVAC maintenance schedule, the technician can make sure that your system is always running with clean fuses.

Wrong Fuse

If at some point a fuse was installed that wasn't the right size for your system, then it should be changed out for one that can handle your system's capacity.

Contact with Water

A short is increasingly likely to occur if there is water leaking around your furnace.

Loose Wiring

If there are vibrations coming from your furnace, then it's possible that an internal wire could come loose. While it can sometimes be a bit tricky to pinpoint the offending wire, it's usually an easy fix once the relevant wire is identified.

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Posted: November 22, 2020

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