6 Interesting Facts about HVAC Systems

6 Interesting Facts about HVAC Systems

6 Interesting Facts about HVAC SystemsYour HVAC system might not seem like your home's most exciting feature. While it serves an important utilitarian purpose, it doesn't offer much glitz and glamor. Still, throughout history, there are some interesting HVAC stories. Here's a look at six HVAC fun facts.

Helped Launch the Summer Blockbuster

As air conditioning became more affordable and widespread, movie theaters used it to create cool conditions during hot summer days. This helped to bring about the phenomenon of the "summer blockbuster."

The First Air-Conditioned Car Was a Flop

Packard made the first air-conditioned car, which hit the market in 1939. However, because its AC unit took up about half the trunk, it failed to gain popularity with the public.

AC in the White House

Herbert Hoover was the first president to have modern air conditioning in the White House. The system was installed in 1929, which must have been viewed as especially luxurious when the stock market crashed that year. Some presidents, such as FDR and Obama, were known to keep the AC low and the temperature toasty inside the Oval Office.

AC & Year-Round School

A common belief is that summer break was first established so children could assist their parents with farmwork. But summer vacation was actually established more because urban school buildings got too hot for students to be able to focus on their work. If AC had been invented several decades earlier, year-round school might be more common now.

Vast Continental Differences

Each year, the United States alone uses more energy on just air conditioning than the entire continent of Africa uses for all purposes put together.

Keeping Wall Street Cool

It's generally believed that the first building that featured modern air conditioning was the New York Stock Exchange, where AC was installed in 1902.

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Posted: December 23, 2020

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