Important Types of AC Maintenance

Important Types of AC Maintenance

Important Types of AC MaintenanceDuring stretches of unrelenting summer heat, you need your air conditioning unit to reliably keep your family happy and healthy. By scheduling annual or semi-annual HVAC maintenance, you'll help to ensure that your AC unit continues to run efficiently. If issues with your AC unit do arise, you'll want to promptly call in an HVAC specialist so the problem can hopefully be nipped in the bud. Here's a look at five AC maintenance tasks.

Inspect Condenser Unit Fan

For efficient cooling, your AC unit's fan blades need to be kept in strong condition. It's good practice to periodically inspect them by simply shutting off your unit and then checking the blades for any chipping or cracking.

Clean/Replace Air Filter

During the summertime when your AC is regularly running, it's best to change out your disposable filter every month, while reusable filters should be thoroughly cleaned on a monthly basis. Dirty filters can result in allergen-filled air being sent into your home's occupied areas.

Check Thermostat

Every once in a while, you'll want to check and make sure that your thermostat is actually keeping your home at your preferred temperature. Programmable thermostats are desirable because they make it easy to establish an energy-efficient heating/cooling schedule for your home.

Clean the Outside Unit

Airflow can be negatively impacted by dirt and intrusive plants. You can clean your outside unit by turning it off and using a garden hose to rinse away debris. By rinsing with a gentle flow, you can avoid causing damage to the unit.

Inspect Wiring

Because a wiring inspection is a more in-depth maintenance undertaking, homeowners often choose to instead let an HVAC professional do this task.

If you need AC maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable HVAC specialist. For AC maintenance in Bedford, Appomatix, Cave Springs, and Roanoke, VA, contact the experts at Tom's Heating & Air Conditioning at (540) 701-2729. Tom's Heating & Air Conditioning also offers ductwork repair and maintenance in Bedford, VA. Feel free to give Tom's Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to schedule an appointment for your HVAC needs!

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Posted: August 24, 2020

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