What are the signs of heat pump trouble?

What are the signs of heat pump trouble?

What are the signs of heat pump trouble?Because it has multiple jobs, your heat pump is a particularly hard-working mechanism. It does the work of both a furnace and an AC unit, which keeps it operating throughout the year. Since it doesn't get much rest, it's prone to periodically developing problems. By getting annual heat pump maintenance, you can reduce the risk of issues arising in the first place. But when you do notice signs of heat pump trouble, you'll want to call in an experienced HVAC technician who will conduct a thorough inspection and then get right to work on addressing any problems. Here's a look at five signs that it's time for heat pump repair or replacement.

Strange Noises

A rattling sound could emerge if a fan belt is loose. Leaking coolant could cause a bubbling noise. A screeching sound may result from a central air fan motor that is inadequately lubricated.

Poor Airflow

Issues such as clogged filters or dirty coils can cause inefficient airflow. Poor airflow could also be caused by blower motor trouble, which is a problem that typically requires professional assistance.

Foul Smells

A burning odor suggests an electrical malfunction, which could create a fire hazard. With this issue, it's best to immediately shut off your heat pump and then call in an HVAC professional to assess the situation. If you're noticing a musty odor, then mold could be present. A rotting smell could mean that a critter crawled into your unit and passed away.

Increase in Energy Bills

A malfunctioning heat pump may draw more energy as it attempts to perform its job. This can then cause a spike in your energy bill.

Fails to Heat Up Your Living Areas

If you've got air blowing into the room, but the temperature isn't getting any warmer, then your heat pump could be failing. In such a scenario, it'll be best to have an HVAC professional come by to complete an inspection.

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Posted: September 23, 2020

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